A Quarter Century

Inspired by my twenty-fifth birthday.
I’m glad I made it here so I could write this song.

Written and performed by Dylan Owen
One-take recording done by Dylan Owen in his bedroom

Tomorrow I turn 25
All my friends are getting high
I’m joking that the speed of life is catching up to me
With all the weaker ways we pass the time
Blow our smoke and act surprised
When someone sees a message in the chemicals we breathe
I know I’m tired now from that alone
Wearing someone’s tattered clothes
To sneak out of the house

And walk on eggshells through the leaves
So I panic like a parent would
Kick my habits out for good
I’ll see you at the wake
When our captains
Rest in peace

And in the miracles we buried beneath
Our living room couches
Someday they’ll come back to me
If I leave home without them
I don’t know the meaning of life, or what life means to me
But until that great adventure arrives
This is how we’ll always be

Remember turning seventeen
With emptiness ahead of me
And then a girl named Anne gave me a rainbow I could keep
To color in my happiness
In sanctuary mattress beds
That weren’t as black and white as all my airport poetry
And every stupid song I sent to you
In post office confessionals
Most of the words we write are someday
Torn up into sheets
Maybe this is goodbye for good
Someday I might write our book
We’d make a great story
But that one’s escaping me

And I hope your new boyfriend has posture
Like the Colorado mountains
I hope he’s tall and wise just like them
Cuz if not how’s he helping?
Annie I can draw you a sun, I can draw you a sea
But until our great adventure revives
This is where we’ll always be

I hope my grandpa made some friends
Just Wandering Around again
Telling everybody stories of his favorite teams
And all the trophies they hang on the walls
Of championship basketball
How my momma had the strongest shot in the whole league
This town will hold a mass for you
And name all the streets after you
And all the people that you loved will get up there to read
Remember racing in your van
In and out of traffic jams
I can’t believe I made that flight to Colorado Springs

I hope that there’s somewhere we can go
If paradise is crowded
I know you’ll find your place in the sun
Because I see you in my shadow
I don’t know the meaning of death, or what death means to me
But until that great adventure arrives
This is who I’ll always be

Tomorrow I turn 25
I don’t wanna laugh or cry
I’m joking that the grim reaper is catching up with me
And all the parables I tell myself
Like someday this’ll all unveil
For now the footnotes still have bandages that wrap their feet

And this hand-me-down emotion you’ve left
Out for me barely fits
It’s just a quarter century kid
You can’t be sick of it yet

I don’t know the meaning of life, or what life means to be
But until that great adventure arrives
Until that great adventure arrives...